Best Ninja Foodi Vegetarian Recipes: Easy & Delicious Meals

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Are you tired of hunting for vegetarian dishes that aren’t just salads? Many home cooks struggle to find exciting meatless meals that truly satisfy. The Ninja Foodi, a versatile kitchen appliance, can be your secret weapon in whipping up hearty and delightful vegetarian recipes.

From crisp sweet potato fries to creamy rice pudding, there’s an array of veggie-centric dishes that the whole family will love.

Did you know the Ninja Foodi isn’t just for meat lovers? It’s a game-changer for plant-based cooking too! This blog is loaded with 10 mouthwatering vegetarian recipes tailored specifically for your Ninja Foodi.

Prepare yourself to discover how this one gadget can transform simple vegetables into drool-worthy dinners and sides. Don’t miss out on these tasty treasures – read on and get ready to cook like never before!

10 Easy & Delicious Ninja Foodi Vegetarian Recipes

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these mouth-watering Ninja Foodi vegetarian recipes! From apple cinnamon oatmeal to fried green tomatoes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Ninja Foodi Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Transform your breakfast into a warm, comforting experience with Ninja Foodi Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. This recipe combines the natural sweetness of apples and the spicy warmth of cinnamon with hearty oatmeal, all cooked to perfection using your versatile Ninja Foodi.

Create this healthy vegetarian recipe in minutes by using the pressure cooking feature, which infuses every oat grain with flavor and ensures a creamy texture that will delight your tastebuds.

For a quick and easy vegetarian breakfast that feels like homemade comfort food without spending hours in the kitchen, look no further than this Ninja Foodi dish. Chop some fresh apples, sprinkle in cinnamon to taste, add oats and water or milk for richness; then let the Ninja Foodi do its magic.

Whether you’re seeking delicious Ninja Foodi meals or nutritious veggie meals that satisfy your morning hunger pangs, Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal is sure to become a go-to favorite for both simplicity and taste.

Ninja Foodi Baked Potatoes

For a satisfying and fuss-free side dish or even a meal on its own, Ninja Foodi Baked Potatoes are the perfect choice. The Ninja Foodi’s unique combination of pressure cooking and air frying results in fluffy, fork-tender potatoes with irresistibly crispy skins.

Simply scrub the potatoes clean, pierce them with a fork to vent steam, then rub with oil and sprinkle with salt before placing them in the Ninja Foodi basket. In just about 35 minutes, you’ll have perfectly cooked baked potatoes ready to be loaded up with your favorite toppings like sour cream, cheese, chives, or even chili for an easy dinner option.

The Ninja Foodi’s ability to cook food quickly and evenly makes it ideal for whipping up this classic comfort food. Whether enjoyed as a standalone dish or paired with other vegetable sides, these hassle-free Ninja Foodi Baked Potatoes are sure to become a family favorite.

Ninja Foodi Mexican Rice

Continuing on from the savory Ninja Foodi Baked Potatoes, let’s explore the zesty and vibrant flavors of Ninja Foodi Mexican Rice. With simple ingredients like rice, tomatoes, bell peppers, and a blend of spices such as cumin and chili powder, you can create a delicious side dish or main course in your Ninja Foodi.

This flavorful dish pairs well with a variety of meals and can be easily customized to suit different taste preferences. The Ninja Foodi makes it effortless to cook this fragrant Mexican rice to perfection every time.

Enhance your culinary skills with this mouthwatering Ninja Foodi Mexican Rice recipe that is sure to impress both family and guests alike. Engage in an enriching cooking experience by experimenting with the unique functionalities of your versatile kitchen appliance while creating a delectable meal bursting with authentic Mexican flavors using our easy-to-follow recipe.

Ninja Foodi Veggie Pot Pie

Create a satisfying and hearty Ninja Foodi Veggie Pot Pie with your favorite vegetables. Whip up this comforting meal in the Ninja Foodi for a delicious option that is packed with flavor.

This recipe offers a meatless alternative to traditional pot pies, making it ideal for vegetarians and anyone seeking a flavorful vegetable bake. Enjoy the ultimate cheesy vegetable bake made in the Ninja Foodi, providing you with comfort food at its best.

Prepare your veggie pot pie effortlessly using the multi-functionality of the Ninja Foodi. It’s an easy, wholesome dish that perfectly showcases how creative and versatile vegetarian cooking can be.

Sweet Potato Fries

The Ninja Foodi is perfect for making crispy sweet potato fries. Simply toss the sweet potato sticks in a mixture of olive oil, salt, and your favorite seasonings. Place them in the air crisp basket and let the Ninja Foodi work its magic.

In just minutes, you’ll have delicious, homemade sweet potato fries that are healthier than traditional deep-fried versions.

For flavorful variations, sprinkle some parmesan cheese or smoked paprika on top before air frying. These nutrient-packed fries are not only quick and easy to make but also a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin A and fiber.

Rice Pudding

Moving from the savory crunch of sweet potato fries, let’s talk about a comforting and delightful dessert option for your Ninja Foodi – rice pudding. This classic dish is made easily in the Ninja Foodi, resulting in creamy and delicious rice pudding that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Using simple ingredients such as rice, milk, sugar, and warm spices like cinnamon, you can create a flavorful dessert that’s perfect for any occasion.

The Ninja Foodi makes it effortless to achieve the perfect texture for your rice pudding – smooth and creamy with tender grains of rice cooked to perfection. By following this easy recipe, you’ll have a delectable dessert ready to enjoy in no time.

Ninja Foodi Cauliflower

Transform your cauliflower into a delectable and healthy dish using your Ninja Foodi. Simply season the cauliflower with your favorite spices, place it in the air fryer basket, and let the Ninja Foodi work its magic.

In just minutes, you’ll have crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside cauliflower that’s perfect as a side dish or even as a snack. Experiment with different seasonings like garlic powder, paprika, or cumin to customize the flavor to your liking.

For an extra kick of flavor, drizzle some olive oil over the cauliflower before air frying for a touch of richness. You can also sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the cooked cauliflower for added umami notes.

Ninja Foodi Corn on the Cob

After enjoying the delectable Ninja Foodi Cauliflower, let’s turn our attention to a summer favorite: Ninja Foodi Corn on the Cob. This classic side dish becomes an absolute breeze with your Ninja Foodi.

Simply place the corn on the cob in the air fryer basket and cook it until it’s tender and lightly charred for a delightful smoky flavor. No need to wait for water to boil or keep an eye on a boiling pot – just set it and forget it, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your meal preparation.

The Ninja Foodi’s air crisping function gives you perfectly cooked corn that retains its natural sweetness, elevating this simple vegetable into something extraordinary. With minimal effort and maximum flavor, this is sure to become a go-to recipe for quick and easy veggie side dishes during barbecue season or any time you’re craving delicious corn on the cob bursting with flavor.

Ninja Foodi Fried Green Tomatoes

Achieve crispy, flavorful fried green tomatoes with your Ninja Foodi. The air fryer function ensures a perfect golden crunch without the need for excessive oil, resulting in healthier and lighter fried green tomatoes packed with tangy flavor.

Enjoy this classic Southern dish as a delightful appetizer or as a unique side dish to complement your meals.

Harness the power of the Ninja Foodi to create an effortless vegetable-focused recipe that maintains all the traditional taste and texture of deep-fried green tomatoes but with less hassle and more health benefits.

Elevate your cooking skills while delighting in this beloved comfort food staple made easier and better by utilizing the Ninja Foodi’s air frying capabilities.

Tips for Cooking Vegetables in the Ninja Foodi

For cooking vegetables in the Ninja Foodi, make sure to use the appropriate setting for steaming or air frying. You can also use aluminum foil to create a packet for air fryer vegetables, and don’t forget that you can easily cook frozen vegetables in the Ninja Foodi as well.

How to cook vegetables in the Ninja Foodi

To cook vegetables in the Ninja Foodi, start by selecting your desired vegetables. Wash and chop them into even-sized pieces for uniform cooking. Place the vegetables in the Ninja Foodi basket or on the reversible rack for steaming. Add a little water to the pot if steaming, then close the crisping lid to begin cooking.

Using aluminum foil for air fryer vegetables

When cooking vegetables in the Ninja Foodi air fryer, using aluminum foil can be a game-changer. By placing a piece of aluminum foil at the bottom of the air fryer basket before adding your veggies, you can prevent smaller pieces from falling through and ensure even cooking.

This method also makes for easier clean-up afterward. To use aluminum foil in your air fryer, simply place it directly on the basket or tray before preheating and cooking your favorite plant-based meals.

Foil packets are another great way to cook vegetables in the Ninja Foodi air fryer. Wrap seasoned veggies in individual foil packets for convenient portioning and serving while preserving their natural flavors and nutrients during the cooking process.

Cooking frozen vegetables in the Ninja Foodi.

To cook frozen vegetables in the Ninja Foodi, place the desired amount of frozen veggies into the air fryer basket. Set the temperature to 375°F and cook for 10-15 minutes, shaking or stirring halfway through.

This method results in perfectly cooked frozen vegetables with a delightful crispy texture, making it a quick and convenient way to prepare a healthy side dish or ingredient for your favorite recipes.

For best results, consider tossing the frozen vegetables with a small amount of oil and seasoning before air frying to enhance their flavor. Experiment with different seasonings such as garlic powder, paprika, or Italian herbs to add variety to your dishes while keeping them nutritious and delicious.


In summary, these Ninja Foodi vegetarian recipes offer a wide range of delicious options for meatless meals. They are practical and easy to implement, allowing home cooks to explore new flavors and healthy cooking methods.

By incorporating these recipes into their meal plans, individuals can enjoy flavorful plant-based dishes that contribute to overall health and well-being.

The impact of embracing these veggie recipes extends beyond the dinner table, creating an opportunity for positive change in lifestyle and dietary habits. With a variety of vegetable-focused dishes at their fingertips, individuals can easily incorporate more nutritious choices into their daily meals.

For further inspiration and ideas, consider exploring additional Ninja Foodi recipe books or online resources dedicated to vegetarian cooking with this versatile appliance. There’s always room for creativity in the kitchen!

As you embark on your culinary journey with Ninja Foodi vegetarian recipes, remember that every dish created holds the potential to delight your taste buds while supporting your wellness goals.


Q1. What makes Ninja Foodi recipes great for vegetarian cooking?

Ninja Foodi recipes are perfect for vegetarian cooking because they offer quick and easy methods like air frying and steaming to make healthy, meatless dishes that are full of flavor.

Q2. Can I find easy Ninja Foodi veg recipes for busy weeknights?

Absolutely! There are many quick Ninja Foodi meals that include tasty vegetable side dishes and plantbased options that you can whip up in no time.

Q3. Are there any Ninja Foodi recipes for comfort food that’s also vegetarian?

Yes, you can create homemade vegetable dishes with the Ninja Foodi that serve as comforting meatless recipes, providing both warmth and nutrition.

Q4. Is it possible to cook all types of vegetables in the Ninja Foodi?

Sure thing! You’ll find a variety of air fryer vegetable recipes suitable for the Ninja Foodi, which means you can enjoy everything from crispy steamed vegetables to delicious roasted veggie creations.

5. How do I ensure my Veg Ninja Foodi meals stay healthy?

By using Veggie ninja foodie recipe or Air fryer-based methods, you can prepare flavorful vegetarian cooking without excess oil, keeping your plantbased meals healthy and scrumptious.

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