Ninja Outdoor Grill

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Are you longing for a grilling solution that seamlessly blends the convenience of indoor cooking with the thrill of the outdoors? Look no further than the Ninja Outdoor Grill. This remarkable appliance redefines outdoor cooking, offering both versatility and efficiency in one package. Whether you’re grilling succulent steaks, roasting vegetables to perfection, or even trying your hand at stir-frying. The Ninja Outdoor Grill’s modular design and cutting-edge technology make it a truly indispensable outdoor kitchen companion.

Gone are the days of uneven heat and uncertain cooking times. With the Ninja Outdoor Grill’s advanced heating technology, you can achieve consistent and precise results every time you cook. Say goodbye to compromise and welcome a new era of outdoor culinary exploration. Elevate your outdoor cooking game with the Ninja Outdoor Grill and unlock a world of possibilities that will delight your taste buds and impress your guests.

A Brief Background on Ninja Outdoor Grill

In the ever-evolving landscape of culinary innovation. The Ninja Outdoor Grill emerges as a noteworthy chapter. Building upon their well-established reputation for pioneering kitchen appliances, Ninja has now extended its expertise to the realm of outdoor grilling. Renowned for creating appliances that seamlessly combine advanced technology with user-friendly design. Ninja has harnessed these principles to craft the Ninja Outdoor Grill.

This transition from indoor to outdoor cooking marks a significant stride for the brand. Showcasing their commitment to delivering excellence in both convenience and quality. As outdoor cooking enthusiasts seek a solution that harmonizes the joy of grilling with the reliability of modern appliances, the Ninja Outdoor Grill stands out as a prime example of ingenuity in action.

Unraveling the Models

Within the diverse landscape of outdoor grilling needs, Ninja’s range of offerings unfolds with thoughtful precision. From the compact yet robust grills tailored to fit snugly on small patios or balconies. Enabling urban dwellers to indulge in the pleasures of outdoor cooking without compromise, to the larger, more expansive models designed for the grandeur of hosting gatherings and special occasions. Ninja presents a spectrum of options that cater to varied requirements.

This assortment is a testament to Ninja’s understanding that outdoor cooking isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Whether you’re seeking an intimate setting to savor grilled delicacies with your loved ones or aiming to create a culinary spectacle that leaves a lasting impression. Ninja’s outdoor grills encompass this diversity with finesse. Each model is a result of meticulous consideration. Ensuring that regardless of the setting or occasion, the Ninja Outdoor Grill collection has an impeccable match. Underlining Ninja’s dedication to enhancing outdoor cooking experiences for all.

Where to Buy Ninja Outdoor Grill?

You can purchase the Ninja Outdoor Grill from various authorized retailers, Amazon, including major online marketplaces, home appliance stores, and the official Ninja website. These options provide you with flexibility and convenience. Allowing you to choose the avenue that best suits your preferences and location. Whether you prefer the ease of online shopping or the experience of browsing in a physical store. You’ll find the Ninja Outdoor Grill available for purchase. Ensuring that you can embark on your outdoor cooking journey with ease.

Ninja OG701 7-in-1 Outdoor Electric Grill & Smoker
Ninja OG701 7-in-1 Outdoor Electric Grill & Smoker
Ninja OG701 7-in-1 Outdoor Electric Grill & Smoker
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Ninja OG701 Woodfire Outdoor Grill & Smoker

The Ninja OG701 Outdoor Grill is more than just a grill. It’s a culinary powerhouse that offers the performance of a full-size propane grill with the same char and searing capabilities. But that’s not all – it also excels as a foolproof BBQ smoker, enabling you to create authentic BBQ bark and flavor with minimal effort. Additionally, it boasts the functionality of an outdoor air fryer, adding woodfire flavor to your air-fried favorites and side dishes, all in the great outdoors.

Powered by electricity but flavored by real burning wood pellets, the Ninja OG701 introduces a unique woodfire element to your cooking. This innovative approach allows you to infuse your dishes with the rich woodfire flavor that can be seen and tasted across every cooking function. The appliance comes with two exclusive blends of Ninja Woodfire Pellets. Offering a range of flavors that complement your culinary creations.

Designed to withstand the elements, the Ninja OG701 is weather-resistant, ensuring you can cook and store outdoors year-round. Additionally, its electric power source makes it apartment-friendly, eliminating the need for charcoal, propane, or flare-ups. Whether you’re grilling for a crowd, air frying your favorite snacks, or indulging in BBQ smoking, this appliance caters to a wide range of culinary ambitions.

Enhance your Ninja Outdoor Grill experience with these accompanying accessories:

Ninja XSKSTAND Woodfire Collapsible Outdoor Grill Stand
Ninja XSKSTAND Woodfire Collapsible Outdoor Grill Stand
Ninja XSKSTAND Woodfire Collapsible Outdoor Grill Stand
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Elevate your outdoor grilling experience with the Ninja XSKSTAND Woodfire Collapsible Outdoor Grill Stand. Designed exclusively for compatibility with Ninja Woodfire Grills OG700 series, this black stand is crafted for durability and convenience. Its collapsible legs allow for easy storage and transportation, while the lock-in mechanism ensures a secure fit for stable cooking. Equipped with three side hooks for utensil storage and large, durable wheels for easy movement in any weather condition, this grill stand is a must-have accessory for any grilling enthusiast.

  • Convenient Setup and Storage: The collapsible design allows for easy setup, movement, and storage, perfect for outdoor spaces like garages, RVs, and campsites.
  • Secure Fit: The stand securely locks the Ninja Woodfire Grill in place, ensuring a stable cooking surface for delicious grilled dishes.
  • Weather-Resistant and Durable: This stand, with sturdy wheels and weather-resistant build, ensures durability outdoors for reliable, long-lasting performance.
  • Limited Compatibility: This stand is designed exclusively for Ninja Woodfire Grills OG700 series, limiting compatibility with other grill models.
  • Plastic Material: While the stand is constructed with durable plastic material, some users may prefer metal for added sturdiness and longevity.
  • Weight: The 15.88-pound weight of the stand, when combined with the grill, might pose transport challenges for some users.

Ninja XSKSTAND Woodfire Collapsible Outdoor Grill Stand

Crafted to amplify your grilling escapades, the Ninja Woodfire Collapsible Outdoor Grill Stand is more than just a stand. It’s a testament to functional design and ease of use. With durability at its core, this stand provides a stable and secure platform for your Ninja Woodfire Grills OG700 series, allowing you to grill with confidence and precision.

Designed exclusively for the 26-inch x 19-inch x 30-inch dimensions of the Ninja Woodfire Grills OG700 series, this stand ensures a seamless and secure fit. This compatibility ensures that your grill rests on a stable and dedicated surface, optimizing your cooking experience.

The beauty of the Ninja Woodfire Collapsible Outdoor Grill Stand lies in its adaptability. Collapsible legs make storage and transportation a breeze. Whether you’re loading it into your car, stowing it away in your garage, or even taking it on your RV adventures. This stand’s fold-away design ensures you’re always ready for outdoor culinary exploration.

KEESHA Folding Grill Stand for Ninja Woodfire Outdoor OG700 Series Grill, Collapsible Grill Cart for Ninja XSKGRDPLT Woodfire OG701 OG751 Grills, for Ninja Woodfire Grill Stand with Side Table
KEESHA Folding Grill Stand for Ninja Woodfire Outdoor OG700 Series Grill, Collapsible Grill Cart for Ninja XSKGRDPLT Woodfire OG701 OG751 Grills, for Ninja Woodfire Grill Stand with Side Table
KEESHA Folding Grill Stand for Ninja Woodfire Outdoor OG700 Series Grill, Collapsible Grill Cart for Ninja XSKGRDPLT Woodfire OG701 OG751 Grills, for Ninja Woodfire Grill Stand with Side Table
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The KEESHA Folding Grill Stand is a tailored solution for the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor OG700 series grill, serving as a collapsible grill cart replacement for models like XSKSTAND on Ninja OG701 and OG751 grills. Crafted from durable, rust-resistant metal, this upgraded folding grill stand features X-shaped legs for enhanced stability. Offering ample space with a side table and a tissue paper holder, it provides convenience and accessibility during outdoor grilling or camping. The inclusion of durable wheels ensures portability, while a secure lock latch guarantees stability for a safe cooking surface.

  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Ninja Woodfire Outdoor OG700 series grills.
  • Durability: Made from heavy-duty, rust-resistant metal for long-lasting use.
  • Portability: Collapsible design and wheels for convenient transportation.
  • Specific Use: Tailored for specific Ninja grill models, limiting versatility.
  • Assembly: Despite claims of no assembly, some setup might still be required.
  • Lack of Information: Product description lacks specific details like dimensions or weight capacity.

KEESHA Folding Grill Stand for Ninja Woodfire Outdoor

Discover the ultimate companion for your outdoor grilling adventures with the KEESHA Folding Grill Stand. Tailored specifically for the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor OG700 Series Grill. Engineered as a seamless replacement for the Ninja XSKSTAND, this upgraded collapsible grill cart boasts a sturdy design featuring X-shaped legs. Elevating stability during your grilling experiences.

Crafted from heavy-duty, rust-resistant metal, this stand guarantees durability, ensuring your grill stand remains steadfast amidst various outdoor elements. Making it an ideal choice for camping or backyard barbecues. Enjoy added convenience with its smart design. Offering ample space on the side table, accompanied by two durable wheels and collapsible legs. Enabling effortless transport and storage.

With its secure lock latch and side hook design for utensils, this stand prioritizes stability and functionality, allowing you to relish the thrill of grilling without worries. Elevate your grilling game whether at home or on camping trips with this ergonomically designed, portable grill stand, perfect for Ninja enthusiasts seeking quality, convenience, and reliability in their grilling experiences.

Ninja Woodfire Flat Top Griddle Plate
Ninja Woodfire Flat Top Griddle Plate
Ninja Woodfire Flat Top Griddle Plate
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The Ninja XSKGRIDPLTEUK Woodfire Flat Plate is a culinary game-changer compatible with the Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill (OG700 Series). Crafted with a ceramic coating, this non-stick insert unlocks a realm of grilling possibilities. Its design facilitates direct and uniform heat distribution, enabling flawless searing and sautéing, while the Woodfire Technology function infuses your dishes with that signature smoky flavor. From griddling delicate foods like prawns to whipping up sizzling fajitas and delectable pancakes, this accessory ensures an enhanced culinary experience.

  • Versatile Cooking: Facilitates preparation of various dishes from fajitas to stir fry and pancakes.
  • Enhanced Flavors: Utilizes Woodfire Technology to add smoky taste to your meals.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Thanks to its ceramic non-stick coating, cleanup is a breeze.
  • Specific Compatibility: Limited to use only with Ninja Woodfire BBQ Grills OG700 series.
  • Limited Information: Lack of comprehensive details about extra features or specific maintenance guidelines.
  • Standalone Accessory: While effective, it doesn’t come with additional add-ons for expanded grilling capabilities.

Ninja Woodfire Flat Top Griddle Plate

Dive into a world of culinary exploration that goes beyond conventional grilling with the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Flat Top Griddle Plate. It introduces direct, even, edge-to-edge heat that creates a canvas for searing and sizzling a myriad of griddled favorites. From classic breakfast items like pancakes and bacon to indulgent delights like cheesesteaks and fajitas, this griddle plate unlocks the potential to cook an array of dishes right on your grilling surface.

Designed exclusively to complement your Ninja Woodfire Grills OG700 series, this flat top griddle plate features a click-in fit mechanism. Effortlessly switch out plates and click in the griddle to secure an entirely new cooking surface. This compatibility ensures that your culinary endeavors are met with a seamless transition, allowing you to focus on the joy of cooking.

Beyond its functionality, the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Flat Top Griddle Plate is also a gateway to infusing woodfire flavor into your creations. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of seasoning to your food, creating a depth of flavor that only woodfire can provide. With this accessory, you’re not just cooking – you’re crafting a symphony of taste.

The Anatomy of a Ninja Outdoor Grill

Delve into the intricacies of the Ninja Outdoor Grill’s composition, and you’ll uncover a design meticulously crafted for a harmonious blend of form and function. The philosophy driving this design revolves around the core principles of functionality, ease-of-use, and unwavering durability. All seamlessly intertwined to create an exceptional grilling experience that resonates with both novice cooks and seasoned grillmasters alike.

The Burners

At the heart of the Ninja Outdoor Grill’s culinary prowess lie its highly efficient burners. These engineering marvels go beyond mere heat generation. They are architects of precision, capable of delivering consistent and evenly distributed temperatures across the cooking surface. This symphony of controlled heat guarantees that your culinary creations are infused with perfection, each bite reflecting the meticulous balance of flavors and textures.

Whether you’re searing succulent steaks, roasting vegetables to caramelized splendor, or crafting delicate seafood dishes. These burners act as the dependable guardians of your gastronomic ambitions, ensuring that every recipe reaches its zenith of taste and texture.

The Grates

Moving our focus to the foundation of grilling, we encounter the grates. An elemental aspect that embodies both resilience and artistry. Engineered to withstand the rigors of high temperatures, these grates exude durability while mitigating the untamed dance of flare-ups that can disrupt the culinary symphony. Yet, these grates are not mere protectors; they are artists in their own right.

With precision-honed design, they create the coveted grill marks that elicit both visual and gustatory satisfaction. Each mark is a testament to the intricate balance of heat, timing, and technique. A dance that the Ninja Outdoor Grill orchestrates effortlessly.

The Control Panel

As the maestro of this outdoor cooking symphony, the Ninja Outdoor Grill places control at your fingertips. The control panel, a testament to user-centric design, presents a gateway to tailored cooking conditions. With an interface designed for intuitive operation, adjusting the heat settings becomes a seamless endeavor, aligning your culinary aspirations with reality.

Whether you’re channeling a gentle simmer for delicate seafood or the roaring blaze for a bold sear, the control panel empowers you to fine-tune the elements. Ensuring that each dish emerges from the grill as a masterpiece of taste and texture.

Setting Up Your Ninja Outdoor Grill

Embarking on the journey to unleash the culinary potential of your Ninja Outdoor Grill begins with the straightforward process of setting up. This initial ritual is your gateway to a realm of outdoor gastronomy, where flavors mingle with the open air and textures come alive with the sizzle of heat.

Choosing the Right Location

Selecting the ideal setting for your grill is a pivotal step in this process. A well-ventilated outdoor space becomes your canvas for culinary creativity. Ensuring a safe distance from any potentially flammable materials is not just a precaution; it’s a safeguard for the vibrant experiences that your grill promises. Whether it’s the cozy corner of your backyard or the sprawling expanse of your patio. Your choice of location shapes the ambiance of your outdoor cooking haven.

Safety Precautions

Before you dive into your grilling adventure, a moment’s pause for safety is essential. Assembling all components of your Ninja Outdoor Grill with precision is paramount, guaranteeing a seamless cooking experience free from hiccups. And as the flames dance and flavors meld, an added layer of safety stands in the form of a fire extinguisher kept within reach. This unobtrusive presence serves as a reminder that culinary magic is fueled by both passion and preparation. Ensuring that every moment spent at the grill is a journey marked by both creativity and prudence.

With these considerations woven into your setup, your Ninja Outdoor Grill transforms into not just an appliance, but a trusted ally in your culinary endeavors. As you prepare to embark on your first grilling escapade, each decision – from location to safety measures – becomes a brushstroke in the canvas of a delectable outdoor cooking experience.

Mastering the Art of Cooking with Ninja Outdoor Grill

ninja outdoor grill

Embracing the culinary journey with your Ninja Outdoor Grill is akin to embarking on an adventure. As with any craft, mastery is cultivated through practice, patience, and a dash of culinary intuition.

Preheating the Grill

In the symphony of outdoor cooking, the overture is preheating the grill. This crucial step sets the stage for culinary excellence. Just as a composer tunes instruments before a performance, you preheat your Ninja Grill to the precise temperature. Ensuring that when food touches the grates, the transformation from raw ingredients to delectable delights begins with precision.

Cooking Techniques

The Ninja Grill isn’t bound by the label of a conventional grill; it’s an orchestra of cooking techniques. Beyond the realm of grilling, it unveils its prowess in roasting, baking, and a medley of other culinary styles. As you stand before the grill, you’re not merely grilling – you’re roasting succulent meats, baking artisanal pizzas, and crafting dishes that defy categorization.


When it’s time to embrace grilling, the Ninja Grill unveils its prowess in high-heat searing. Picture this: steaks sizzling with mouthwatering aromas, and burgers achieving the perfect char. This is the territory of searing heat, where the Ninja Grill’s precision ensures each piece of meat is a masterpiece, seared to perfection while locking in succulent flavors.


Transitioning from grilling to roasting, the Ninja Grill demonstrates its versatility. This feature isn’t confined to smaller cuts; it extends its prowess to cooking larger items with consistent heat. Imagine whole chickens and roasts infused with flavors that only patient, even roasting can create. The Ninja Grill’s roasting capability transforms your outdoor culinary canvas, broadening the spectrum of dishes you can create.


And then, in a delightful twist, the Ninja Grill dons the baker’s apron. Yes, baking is well within its repertoire. From rustic pizzas with charred edges to batches of cookies that emerge with the perfect balance of crisp and chew, your Ninja Grill transforms into a patisserie of possibilities. The grill isn’t just an outdoor kitchen; it’s a gateway to a universe of flavors, techniques, and creations waiting to be explored.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Ninja Outdoor Grill

Safeguarding the longevity of your Ninja Grill is a responsibility that goes hand in hand with the pleasures of outdoor cooking. Just as you nurture your culinary creations, you must also nurture the vessel that brings them to life.

Regular Cleaning

Every culinary adventure deserves a postscript of cleanliness. After each culinary performance, the ritual of regular cleaning takes center stage. This encompasses more than just wiping the exterior; it involves a meticulous dance of care. The grates, touched by flames and sizzling ingredients, are cleansed of their culinary stories, ensuring they remain ready for the next chapter.

The exterior, weathered by the elements, is attended to, revealing the gleam that matches the brilliance of your outdoor culinary creations. The grease tray, a silent hero capturing drips of flavor, is emptied, ready to be the canvas of more stories.

Deep Cleaning

However, like any masterpiece, your Ninja Grill requires a deeper restoration every few months. In this more profound cleansing, the burners and grates are liberated from their abode, undergoing a meticulous scrubbing to eliminate traces of past culinary performances.

This is more than maintenance; it’s a dedication to the art of outdoor cooking. As you inspect each component, you ensure that the grill remains a sanctuary of flavor and functionality. Capable of delivering exceptional experiences for seasons to come.

Why Choose Ninja Outdoor Grill?

As you stand at the crossroads of grilling possibilities, the choice of a Ninja Outdoor Grill beckons contemplation.


The Ninja Grill stands as a testament to excellence. It’s more than a grill; it’s a vessel of heat control mastery, allowing you to orchestrate the nuances of your culinary symphony with finesse. It offers not just grilling, but a panorama of cooking options, inviting you to embrace roasting, baking, and more. This versatility is underpinned by a commitment to longevity, crafted to endure the rigors of outdoor cooking landscapes.


Yet, as with any canvas, there are areas where it may not perfectly align with every artistic vision. The Ninja Grill, while a stellar creation, doesn’t cater to those who seek the traditional embrace of charcoal grilling. If the allure of charcoal’s aroma and taste is your muse, the Ninja Grill’s technological prowess may diverge from this nostalgic preference.


In the world of outdoor culinary exploration, the Ninja Outdoor Grill stands as a beacon of innovation and versatility. With its user-friendly design, durability, and multifunctional capabilities, it transforms ordinary outdoor cooking into extraordinary experiences. Whether you’re a grilling aficionado or a novice, this appliance has the power to redefine your outdoor cooking ventures.

The Ninja Grill isn’t just a tool; it’s a partner on your culinary journey. It empowers you to craft a wide array of dishes, from perfectly seared steaks to succulent roasts and even delectable baked goods. Its reliable performance and thoughtful design ensure that every cooking session is a success.

Investing in the Ninja Outdoor Grill is an investment in the art of outdoor cooking. It opens doors to new flavors, techniques, and possibilities. Allowing you to create memorable meals that linger on the palate and in the heart. As you embrace this remarkable appliance, you’re embracing a world of culinary exploration that promises to transform the way you cook, savor, and share your passion for food.


How long does it take for the Ninja Grill to preheat?

The Ninja Grill is designed for efficiency, taking approximately 8 to 10 minutes to reach the optimal preheating temperature. This swift preheating process ensures that you can swiftly transition from prep to grilling, reducing waiting times and allowing you to dive into your culinary creations with minimal delay.

Can the Ninja Grill be used indoors?

Regrettably, despite its sleek and compact design, the Ninja Grill is exclusively engineered for outdoor use. This specialization ensures that you can savor the pleasures of outdoor cooking to the fullest while maintaining safety standards and optimal ventilation.

What’s the warranty on the Ninja Grill?

Ninja stands behind the quality and performance of its outdoor grills. Offering a one-year limited warranty. This warranty underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering products of lasting value. Reassuring customers that their investment in the Ninja Grill is backed by the brand’s dedication to durability and satisfaction.

Can I use metal utensils on my Ninja Grill?

While the Ninja Grill’s construction can withstand the touch of metal utensils without incurring damage. It’s advisable to opt for wooden or heat-resistant silicone utensils. This thoughtful choice safeguards not only the grill’s surfaces but also preserves the longevity of your utensils. By choosing utensils that align with the grill’s design, you’re contributing to a culinary experience that’s both enjoyable and respectful of the appliance’s integrity.

What type of fuel does the Ninja Grill use?

The Ninja Grill operates as a gas grill, specifically compatible with standard propane tanks. This fuel choice aligns with the grill’s ethos of efficiency, convenience, and user-friendly operation. By utilizing readily available propane tanks. The Ninja Grill ensures that your outdoor cooking sessions are characterized by seamless transitions and unhindered enjoyment.

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