Ninja Speedi vs Foodi: Comparing Performance, Design, and Value

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Choosing between the Ninja Speedi vs Foodi can be tough. Both kitchen appliances promise to make cooking faster and more fun, but how do you know which one fits your needs best? This choice can confuse many home cooks looking for the perfect addition to their countertops.

Here’s an interesting fact: both these appliances come with a range of cooking functions, from air frying to pressure cooking, making them versatile options for any kitchen. Our blog will help you understand their differences in performance, design, and value.

We will guide you through each aspect so you can decide which appliance is right for you. Ready to find out?

Design & Features Comparison

Comparing the design and features of Ninja Speedi vs Foodi will help you make an informed decision. Design plays a crucial role in kitchen appliances, so let’s take a closer look at what each model offers.

Key features and functions

The Ninja Speedi and Foodi both offer a range of multifunctional features that stand out in the kitchen. The Speedi excels with its Rapid Cooking System, allowing you to air fry, bake, roast, and even grill.

Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer
Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer
Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer
Our Score

Introducing the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer, the ultimate kitchen companion for busy households craving delicious meals in a flash. With its 12-in-1 functionality, you can steam, bake, roast, sear, sauté, slow cook, sous vide, and more, all in one pot. Here's why the Ninja SF301 is a game-changer: it saves time with speedy one-pot meals, offers versatile cooking options for every craving, and promotes healthier cooking with up to 75% less fat.

  • Speedy One-Pot Meals: With Speedi Meals, prepare complete dinners in just 15 minutes, ideal for busy evenings or spontaneous dinners.
  • Versatile Cooking Options: With 12-in-1 functionality, switch between air-fried favorites and slow-cooked dishes effortlessly, meeting all your culinary needs.
  • Healthier Cooking, Easy Cleanup: Indulge guilt-free with 75% less fat using the air fry function, and breeze through cleanup with dishwasher-safe parts, saving time.
  • Learning Curve: Beginners may need time to master the numerous functions of the Ninja SF301, often referring to the manual until familiar.
  • Limited Capacity for Larger Families: Larger families may need to cook in batches with the 6-quart capacity, potentially disrupting meal planning.
  • Price Point: The Ninja SF301's advanced features justify its price for many but may seem pricier to budget-conscious consumers.

Its versatility shines through with options for one-pot meals, making dinner preparation easier than ever. On the other hand, the Foodi adds pressure cooking to its arsenal, providing an all-in-one solution for those who value speed as well as variety in their cooking methods.

Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Digital Countertop
Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Digital Countertop
Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Digital Countertop
Our Score

The Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Digital Countertop Convection Toaster Oven. This stainless steel culinary powerhouse features true surround convection technology, offering up to 10 times the power for faster, crispier, and juicier results. With 10 functions including air frying, roasting, and baking, it's versatile. Enjoy a 90-second preheat and 30% faster cooking. Its XL capacity accommodates large gatherings. Air Fry function offers up to 75% less fat. Digital display handle ensures precise cooking. Get up to 30% crispier results and 50% more even baking.

  • Versatility: With 10 functions, including air frying, roasting, baking, and dehydrating, the Ninja DT201 offers unmatched culinary versatility.
  • Faster Cooking: Enjoy significantly reduced preheating times and up to 30% faster cooking compared to traditional ovens, making meal preparation quick and efficient.
  • Healthier Cooking: With Air Fry, enjoy favorite fried foods with up to 75% less fat, for healthier indulgence.
  • Large Size: The Ninja DT201's XL capacity suits large groups but may demand significant countertop space, a limitation in smaller kitchens.
  • Learning Curve: Novices may need time to master the Ninja DT201's many functions and features, especially in air frying or convection cooking.
  • Price: The Ninja DT201's premium features result in a higher price, potentially limiting accessibility for budget-conscious consumers.

Both devices incorporate crisp technology for perfect finishing touches on dishes.

Each model boasts user-friendly interfaces with easy-to-navigate controls and settings that cater to various culinary tasks—from steaming vegetables to crisping chicken wings. They include multiple preset programs designed to take the guesswork out of cooking times and temperatures.

This ensures every meal comes out just right without needing constant monitoring or adjustments from the cook. Touchscreen displays present clear options while enhancing the appliance’s overall modern design aesthetics.

Moreover, accessories play a key role in expanding what you can achieve with these kitchen gadgets. With baskets for air frying, racks for broiling, and pots suitable for everything from baking cakes to slow-cooking stews, Ninja provides users with necessary tools right out of the box.

These components compliment each gadget’s versatility by enabling home cooks and food enthusiasts alike to explore a wide array of recipes —transforming everyday ingredients into gourmet meals effortlessly.

Capacity and weight

Considering the importance of both capacity and weight for home cooks and food enthusiasts, we’ve compared these aspects between the Ninja Speedi and Ninja Foodi. These factors are crucial for understanding how much food you can prepare at once and the appliance’s portability. Below is a detailed comparison presented in an easy-to-understand table format.

FeatureNinja SpeediNinja Foodi
Capacity6 quarts8 quarts
Weight12 lbs26 lbs

This table highlights the key differences between the two models in terms of how much they can hold and their weight. Ninja Speedi offers a more compact and lighter option, making it easier to move and store. On the other hand, Ninja Foodi provides a larger capacity, ideal for those who often cook for larger groups or prefer to meal-prep in batches. Both models cater to different needs, allowing you to choose based on your cooking habits and kitchen space.

Ease of combo cooking

Combo cooking is a breeze with both the Ninja Speedi and Foodi. These multifunction air fryers offer seamless integration of different cooking methods, allowing you to air fry, pressure cook, steam, broil, and more in one device.

With the intuitive controls and preset functions, it’s easy to switch between cooking modes without any hassle.

The design features facilitate combo cooking by providing ample capacity for simultaneous food preparation. The versatile accessories that come with these appliances further enhance the combo cooking experience.


The Ninja Speedi vs Foodi come with a range of accessories to enhance your cooking experience. These accessories include a reversible rack, cooking pot, crisping basket, steam basket, and a recipe book.

  1. Reversible Rack: The rack provides flexibility in cooking by allowing you to cook multiple foods at the same time.
  2. Cooking Pot: The cooking pot is the perfect companion for pressure-cooking meals and creating delicious soups and stews.
  3. Crisping Basket: Achieve crispy results with the crisping basket, perfect for air frying your favorite snacks and meals.
  4. Steam Basket: The steam basket enables healthy steaming of veggies and other foods to retain essential nutrients.
  5. Recipe Book: Explore new culinary creations with the included recipe book, offering a variety of dishes to try out.

Design and build quality

The Ninja Speedi and Foodi are both engineered with robust design and build quality, ensuring durability and longevity. The sleek exterior of these cooking appliances is designed to complement modern kitchens, offering a blend of style and functionality.

Their sturdy construction underpins their ever-evolving kitchen equipment designs, making them reliable culinary tools for home cooks and food enthusiasts alike.

These cooking appliances are tailored towards providing a seamless user experience through meticulously crafted features that unlock the secrets of efficient food preparation. With a focus on bespoke design, they not only elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen but also deliver top-notch performance.

Performance Comparison

The Ninja Speedi and Foodi were put through rigorous testing to compare their performance. They excelled in air frying, steaming, broiling, and cooking multiple foods simultaneously, making them versatile kitchen companions.

Air frying

Air frying in the Ninja Foodi and Speedi delivers crispy, golden results with just a fraction of the oil used in traditional frying. The intense heat and powerful fan circulate hot air to create a crunchy exterior while locking in moisture for tender, flavorful food.

Whether it’s chicken wings, sweet potato fries, or even whole fish, both appliances excel at producing evenly cooked dishes with that irresistible fried texture.

The air-frying function is one of the standout features of both the Ninja Foodi and Speedi, offering a healthier yet still delicious way to enjoy your favorite fried foods. With their efficient cooking technology and value for money, these appliances are perfect for creating crispy delights without compromising on flavor or texture.


The Ninja Speedi and Foodi excel at steaming a variety of foods, from vegetables to seafood. The advanced steam capabilities ensure that your dishes retain their nutrients and flavors for healthy and delicious results.

With customizable settings and precise temperature control, these appliances make steaming effortless and efficient.

Whether you’re a fan of healthy cooking or simply enjoy the tender texture and enhanced flavor that steaming offers, both the Ninja Speedi and Foodi provide exceptional performance in this area.


The Ninja Foodi and Speedi both excel at broiling. They deliver a powerful sear on meats and vegetables to lock in flavor and juices, providing that perfect charred texture. Furthermore, the broiling function is easy to use, simply set the desired temperature and let the device do the work for you.

The even heat distribution ensures consistent results every time.

Whether it’s crispy chicken wings or caramelized veggies, both appliances offer impressive broiling capabilities that cater to different cooking styles. With this feature, home cooks can easily achieve restaurant-quality results with minimal effort – making it an ideal option for those seeking convenience without compromising taste and texture.

Cooking multiple foods

Cooking multiple foods in the Ninja Speedi and Foodi is a breeze, thanks to their spacious baskets and multi-level cooking capabilities. There’s no need to worry about flavors mixing, and you can prepare a complete meal all at once.

The devices’ versatility ensures that you can air fry crispy chicken wings while steaming vegetables or broiling salmon fillets concurrently. With these appliances, creating an entire dinner has never been more convenient.

The Ninja Speedi and Foodi are tailored towards those seeking flexibility in preparing several dishes simultaneously. They unlock the secrets of time-efficient meal preparation without compromising on taste or quality.

User experience

Transitioning from comparing the functionalities of “Cooking multiple foods,” let’s delve into the user experience when using either the Ninja Speedi or Foodi. Both devices are designed to enhance home cooking, and they offer a range of features tailored towards simplifying meal preparation and enhancing flavor profiles.

Operating either the Ninja Speedi or Foodi is straightforward, with intuitive controls that ensure a hassle-free cooking experience. The device guides users through various cooking processes, making it easy to achieve delicious results every time.

Additionally, their compact designs fit seamlessly into any kitchen space, adding convenience to mealtime preparations for home cooks and food enthusiasts alike.

Price Comparison

Comparing the prices of Ninja Speedi and Ninja Foodie can help you make a decision based on your budget. You’ll want to consider the value for money each appliance offers as well.

Ninja Foodi price

The Ninja Foodi price varies depending on the model and added accessories, typically ranging from $200 to $300. This makes it a budget-friendly option for those seeking versatile cooking capabilities without breaking the bank.

The value for money is evident in its ability to replace multiple kitchen appliances with its functions as a pressure cooker, air fryer, steamer, and much more. Additionally, the crisping capabilities of the Foodi add extra value by providing deliciously crispy results without needing a separate appliance.

For an appliance enthusiast or home cook looking for a budget-friendly and versatile food preparation device that offers excellent performance and functionality – look no further than the Ninja Foodi.

With its affordable price point and multifunctional features tailored towards enhancing cooking experiences, it’s not merely an investment but also an indispensable addition to any kitchen arsenal.

Ninja Speedi price

The Ninja Speedi comes at a competitive price, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious home cooks and appliance enthusiasts. Its affordability makes it a great entry point into the world of versatile cooking appliances without breaking the bank.

The value for money that the Ninja Speedi offers is especially appealing to those seeking more than just functionality in their kitchen gadgets. With its accessible pricing, the Ninja Speedi presents a budget-friendly option for users looking to enhance their culinary capabilities without investing in higher-end appliances.

For those seeking a quality cooking experience coupled with cost-effectiveness, the Ninja Speedi’s price makes it an excellent choice. Additionally, this blender provides an affordable solution tailored towards everyday home cooking needs without compromising on performance or features.

Value for money

When considering the price, both the Ninja Speedi vs Foodi offer excellent value for money. The features and capabilities they provide make them budget-friendly options for home cooks and kitchen enthusiasts.

Furthermore, by offering a variety of cooking functions in one appliance, they cater to diverse cooking needs without breaking the bank.

The Ninja Speedi and Foodi are expertly designed by focusing on delivering performance while still being affordable. Their competitive pricing ensures that customers can enjoy high-quality cooking experiences without overspending.


In conclusion, when deciding between the Ninja Speedi and Foodi, consider your cooking habits and needs to make the best choice. Each offers unique advantages, and it’s important to weigh both before making a decision.

Which one to buy?

For those on a budget, Ninja Speedi provides excellent value for its performance and features. It is ideal for users looking for an easy-to-use air fryer with the option of pressure cooking.

On the other hand, if you are seeking more than just basic functionalities and desire a versatile appliance that can handle multiple cooking methods including air frying, steaming, broiling, and more, then the Ninja Foodi might be the better choice.

With its wider range of functions and larger capacity, it caters to a broader spectrum of culinary needs.

Pros and cons of Ninja speedi vs Foodi

Pros and Cons of Ninja Speedi:

  1. The Ninja Speedi has a compact design, making it suitable for small kitchens and limited counter space.
  2. Its rapid cooking technology allows for quick meal preparation.
  3. The appliance’s multi – functional capabilities save time and effort in cooking various recipes.
  4. It offers a budget – friendly option for those seeking versatile cooking features.

Pros and Cons of Ninja Foodi:

  1. The Ninja Foodi boasts a larger capacity, suitable for cooking meals for larger groups or families.
  2. Its multiple cooking functions provide flexibility in preparing different types of dishes.
  3. The appliance’s air frying feature delivers crispy results without excess oil.
  4. The additional accessories add value and expand the cooking possibilities.

Each of these appliances presents distinct advantages that cater to different needs and preferences in the kitchen.

Recommendations based on cooking habits and needs

Choose the Ninja Foodi if you need a versatile appliance that can handle a wide variety of cooking tasks. With its air frying, steaming, and broiling capabilities, it’s perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with different cooking methods. The large capacity and multiple cooking functions make it ideal for busy families or anyone who wants to streamline their cooking process.

Opt for the Ninja Speedi if you prioritize speed and efficiency in your cooking. Its compact size and rapid heating make it a great option for quick meals or small batches. Ideal for individuals or couples looking for a budget-friendly yet powerful kitchen companion.

Consider your specific cooking habits and needs when making your decision between the two appliances. If you value versatility and capacity, the Ninja Foodi is the way to go. However, if speed and efficiency are more important to you, the Ninja Speedi is an excellent choice.

Ultimately, both appliances offer unique benefits, so take into account your individual requirements before making your final decision.


When choosing between the Ninja Speedi vs Foodi, consider your cooking needs. Evaluate their performance, design, and value to make an informed decision. These appliances offer different features and capabilities for various cooking styles.

Ultimately, the right choice depends on your specific requirements and preferences.


1. How do Ninja Speedi and Foodi compare in performance?

Ninja Speedi and Foodi both perform well in the kitchen, but they may have different features that make one better for certain tasks than the other. An expert guide can help you understand these differences.

2. Which is more budget-friendly, Ninja Speedi or Foodi?

Both Ninja Speedi and Foodi offer options that fit a range of budgets. To find the most budget-friendly choice, compare their prices and see which one offers the value you’re looking for.

3. Can I find an expert guide to help me choose between Ninja Speedi and Foodi?

Yes, there are expert guides available that compare Ninja Speedi vs Foodi in terms of performance, design, and value to help you make an informed decision.

4. Does design play a big role in choosing between Ninja Speedi and Foodi?

Yes, design can be important when choosing between Ninja Speedi and Foodi because it affects how easy they are to use and how well they fit with your kitchen’s look.


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